Alarm Monitoring

The ultimate protection for your building and people, discover the benefits of our 24-hour central-station monitoring system.

This state-of-the-art technology relays any alarm breach directly and immediately to the police, who will provide a fast and effective response.

This 24-hour monitoring security system provides the highest levels of protection for your building and – for peace of mind – features back-up communications technology that enables signals to be monitored even if the primary path fails.

Insurance companies now require dual path signalling devices to be fitted to all new, medium-to-high-risk intruder alarms, so we will recommend the system that will best suit your requirements. 

We’ve recommended 24-hour monitoring systems that have not only improved companies’ security but also saved them thousands of pounds.

  • 24 Hour Monitoring Station

    24 Hour Monitoring Station

  • Police Response

    Police Response

  • Security


Alarm Receiving Centre

JM Security Systems works in partnership with SMC – Custodian which is one of the UK's leading security monitoring providers, offering a wide range of monitoring services to meet the needs of JM Security Systems’ clients.

SMC’s core services offer alarm monitoring and remote video monitoring, extending into complex and diverse applications. 

Their processes are rigorously benchmarked on a regular basis to ensure the Alarm Receiving Centre performance meets our clients demand and industry standards. 

By partnering with SMC as our preferred provider, we are assured we are working with a company that continually looks at ideas to find ways to improve the performance of alarm monitoring and assist us by:

  • Improving engineer efficiency.
  • Reducing false alarms.
  • Reducing unnecessary engineer callouts.
  • Enabling installers & clients to control their sites remotely.

A security system that is monitored 24/7 provides comprehensive protection of property that simply cannot be matched by a 'bells only' system.

How it works

Upon receiving the alarm activation, SMC operatives will take the necessary action, depending upon the configuration of the system. For example, this could be a call to the key holder or the police.

We recommend the most appropriate monitored system, which can be tailored to your requirements, across any grade using Redcare units.

Your Benefits:

  • Added peace of mind for property and business owners, particularly when the premises are vacant.
  • Receive a fast response to an activated alarm, minimising the chances of loss or damage.
  • Police call outs when required, giving further protection.
  • Can help clients meet insurance requirements, particularly in commercial environments.
  • Facilitates superior management control of staff activity in commercial settings.


Online platform for installers, engineers, and end users.

TOUCH is SMC's online platform with a range of benefits for installers, engineers and end users which can be used from PC and mobile devices, giving complete flexibility.

A complementary service - only available from SMC, TOUCH is designed to give real time visibility and control over your monitored connections.

TOUCH for End users

  • Ability to see own sites.
  • Keyholder management.
  • Site record management.
  • Self-serve reporting suite.
  • Real time event history.

A trusted security partner for businesses across the UK

JM Accreditation

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