Plastic Omnium

We’ve been working with Plastic Omnium – a global market leader in the manufacture of plastics for the automotive industry and other sectors – for more than nine years.

It operates a number of sites around the Midlands and we were asked to come up with a detailed monitoring and alarm system for one of its locations.

The company was so pleased with the work we carried out that we now undertake CCTV monitoring surveillance across all its sites, and have installed a range of top-of-the-range intruder alarm systems that help to keep staff and premises safe.

“Plastic Omnium is a big, global corporate manufacturer, which expects only the highest quality of services,” said a JM Security Systems spokesman.

“Whether the company’s staff are working in the offices or in the factory, they know we have their security and safety covered – all thanks to the expertise of our team, who undertook a detailed examination of each of the premises and was able to provide first-class advice.

“By working closely with the company to establish its exact needs, we came up with a bespoke plan for all its sites.”