JM Security Systems installs bespoke security system for Pinucci London

When Pinucci, the makers of handcrafted luxury leather shoes, looked to improve its security systems at its Marylebone store, it didn’t have to do much legwork.

All its shoes area made in artisan workshops in Northampton, Spain and Italy – crafted from the best leather and made in limited numbers.

It’s only natural they should want only the very best security alarm system to complement their deluxe store in store in Marylebone Street, in London’s West End, home to some of the capital’s specialist high end boutiques.

When JM Security Systems was invited to tender to provide a security system, our expert team offered a range of top-class advice to the Pinucci team about the different security system options.

We proposed a solution that met their needs and to their delight, it came in at an extremely competitive price.

Our reputation for superlative service and our impressive portfolio of work we have undertaken for stores, organisations and business sites up and down the country meant that Pinucci knew it could rely on us.


“We were able to provide Pinuci with a bespoke solution for its security needs,”
- says a JM Security Systems spokesman.

“We pride ourselves on finding out exactly what customers need and can offer a range of systems that work for their particular premises and budget. There is no off-the-shelf security system."

“It is the first time we have worked with Pinucci and it’s great to work with a new client who is able to rest easy, thanks to the superior security system they now have in place.”