How to protect your business premises

At some point in our lives, we will know someone who has been the victim of crime or we may be the person affected. Whatever the crime, we cannot underestimate the personal, emotional or financial implications it comes with. 

One of the most important factors when running a business is to make sure that it is secure. If you haven’t taken the right steps to keep intruders out, you could leave your business vulnerable to an attack.

Here are some steps you can take to improve the security of your premises.

Risk Assessment – It is crucial to identify any weak points in your business. Consult staff to see what they consider is an issue because this will help you to identify what could be improved.

Strengthen entry points – Are there several ways of getting into your property that would benefit from improved security? Consider possible avenues that intruders might use to enter your premises and react accordingly. Install doors and windows of solid construction and fit them with secure locks – but ensuring they locked when the building is empty is imperative. Fitting external shutters is another option if there are vulnerable windows or doors. CCTV is a superb deterrent, as is a good quality, up-to-date alarm. These could also help to reduce your insurance premiums.

Protect yourself, staff and customers - Ensure that only nominated members of staff hold keys to your workplace. Check keys regularly – if any is missing, change the locks immediately. Make sure necessary security training is available and that everyone knows what to do in the event of a serious threat. Make sure staff know how to lock up the premises at the end of the day, and who to call if there are any issues with your security – e.g. your alarm isn’t setting. Train your staff to recognise suspicious behaviour by those who enter your premises. Put up signs warning that certain parts of your premises are only accessible to staff members.

Security lighting– With 75% of burglaries happening in the evenings, security lighting is an effective means of deterring criminals. When positioned strategically it can cover a wide area.

Secure the perimeter – Fencing, security lighting and a secure car park can help to prevent someone from entering your property. However, be careful not to put off customers and potential employees by making your premises look like a prison!

Install CCTV and alarms – CCTV is a must have for anyone looking to protect their business. Not only is it a visible deterrent, it can also aid in the identification of any culprits. Think about the type of alarm system that the size of your building needs and change the codes on a regular basis.

Real time notification of potential intrusion - Investing in remote monitoringmeans you know what’s happening to your business even when you’re not there. Once an intruder is detected, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will contact and notify your nominated key holder or the appropriate emergency service.

Safeguard important equipment – Record equipment serial numbers and carry out regular property and equipment audits. Keep laptops, tablets and devices in a secure location that is out of sight. If necessary, fit your computers with alarms to detect tampering.

Protect your stock - Being organised will help you to identify any discrepancies in your stock count early on. Question excessive amounts of voids, credits or damage claims, and install CCTV in areas where stock is stored.

Keep on top of security– Any faults in your security need to be repaired as soon as possible. Repair any breakages to doors, windows, or the roof. Keep in contact with other local businesses to find out if they have had any break-ins or security breaches and make sure that your security measures are the best you can afford. Undertake an audit at least once a year and always look at new ways of better protecting your business.

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