We are an Approved Installer for BT Redcare alarm systems – so you know your in safe hands.

Redcare is a leading alarm dual-signalling system that is trusted by thousands of businesses and homes across the country.

We provide a complete range of Redcare security products: Classic, GSM and Redcare Secure for commercial alarm systems.


Why Redcare?

Redcare works on either a single-path alarm or dual-signalling system - one of the most secure forms of alarm monitoring available.

BT continuously checks the phone line to ensure it is working. If there is a breakdown or fault – or even if the telephone line is cut – the Alarm Receiving Centre is notified within seconds.


Redcare GSM

This offers a very high level of protection via its dual path signalling monitoring service and is perfect for commercial and residential properties that want a premium level of protection against intruders.

Dual-signalling offers an extra level of protection because it works off a mobile phone network and GSM, high-speed signalling technology, to monitor that the alarm system is working. If any fault is detected, the alarm receiving centre is notified immediately. You will need a BT telephone line to install Redcare GSM.


Redcare Secure

This dual-signalling system works on any telephone line and enables users to move between three levels of protection: Secure 2, Secure 3, and Secure IP. It means the level of alarm signalling protection can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, to suit your specific needs.

The dual-signalling system on this service is provided via GPRS with landline back up, making it the ideal alarm protection for low risk commercial properties or homes.


Benefits of Redcare

  • No need for an additional, dedicated phone line
  • There are no call charges for the signals that are sent via your landline or radio path
  • Extra protection with dual-path signalling
  • Loss Prevention Certification Board approved – it meets the rigorous insurance requirements for Alarm Transmission Systems (ATS)
  • Redcare is the preferred choice for insurers


How to get Redcare?

As an approved BT Redcare installer, we can guide you through the process of getting your alarm system up and running – from initial security survey to the installation and maintenance.

For a free no-obligation site survey and advice contact us on 0121 359 2242 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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